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TV Host Robbed On Air
"FORT SMITH, Ark. -- Viewers of an Arkansas cable access show helped Fort Smith police crack a case late Thursday night after they watched a robbery on live TV.

Gary Spirito, host of the Shopping Mania Auction Show, thought it was a prank.

When a man came in and demanded Spirito's car keys, Spirito informed his audience that this was no joke.

'There's a guy robbing us, somebody call the police, he came in with a gun. Somebody call police, there's a guy in here trying to rob us,' Spirito said.

That's when Spirito addressed the alleged robber directly.

'Then I looked up at him and said, 'We're doing a live show here and there's probably hundreds of people out there right now calling the police to come down on this building, just so you know,'' he said."

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