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Hacker deletes own hard drive
"A CHAT CHANNEL spat ended when a wannabe hacker was duped into deleting his own hard drive.

The 26 year-old German claimed he was the baddest hacker in town and threatened to attack a moderator on #stopHipHop's RC Channel because he thought he'd been thrown out.

He demanded the moderator cough up his IP address and prepare to be hacked.

The moderator sent back a bunch of numbers and there then followed a period in which the moderator assumes all manner of hack tools were unleashed at the IP address.

Finally the hacker declared success.'I can see your E: drive disappearing, he gloated, 'D: is down 45 percent!' he cried, before disappearing into the ether.

It seems he'd been hot enough to hack his own address."

(check the link for a translation of the log)

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